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Design Team

DE company specialists help to create an individual house design according to the customer specifications upon request.

We strive to construct a house that fulfills every expectation of its future owner and that reflects the owner¡¯s individuality and life style. Working more closely with customers we develop individual wooden house projects. The completed houses not only become a part of the tenant¡¯s lives but are also an expression of the owner¡¯s individual tastes.

The professionalism of the specialists, the ability to work to deadlines, the ability to fulfill all agreements. And a creative approach are all key factors in the achievement of  superb results ,which guarantee absolute comfort of living and satisfy all the customer¡¯s aesthetic expectations. The architects design Finish house based on the customer¡¯s specifications and according to the latest modern trends in country home building .The prices also stay dependable .We strive to contruct countryside homes that remain in harmony with the natural surroundings and at the same time,have that distinctively cozy atmosphere inside them.